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Application Procedure

All applicants must come from and be working in a scientific institute in a developing country. Awards given to scientists who move to an advanced country will be suspended or cancelled.

Prospective candidates should complete the on-line application form between 1 October and 31 January of the following year .

Candidates must provide complete and up-to-date details of their scientific publications (precise reference to journal, volume and page number are essential) specifying and numbering clearly in separate lists the following, as requested on the on-line application system:

  • Refereed journals
  • Proceedings
  • Internal reports
  • Others

NB/ Do not list papers submitted for publication or papers in preparation.

Candidates should request two senior scientists (preferably from an institute other than their own) who are well acquainted with their work to attach a recommendation letter in support of their application addressing them to Dr. George Thompson, Head of the Office of Associates and Federated Institutes.

NB/ Applicants who do not state clearly their date of birth will not be considered.

The age limit for Senior Associates is 65.

The window for applications  is from 1 October to 31 January of the following year.  Application renewals are only accepted through the on-line system within the dates indicated.

Incomplete applications or applications which do not comply with the requested format will not be considered.

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